Little About Us

creativeness is simply in my bones, but that don't mean a thing!
I LOVE thinking outside the box,
My passion is for inspiring others to get creative,
I offer this through our little business at Wild Heart Creative Studio


I also am a BIG believer in offering custom service with a smile,
always happily offering to help and make someone's day better!

BEFORE or AFTER you shop or use our services

Come and join me here in our community, talk stamping, mixed media, products, tips or simply shoot the breeze in our groups!
learn or gain some inspiration on our Blog and Shop the products in the Store!

Feel free to reach out and say hi or ask a question

owner / admin / designer


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about us

How long have you been creating?

always have been a creative thinker, lot of the time over-thinker
but since i have european/dutch/spanish blood the draw to the colours of the world has always been quite strong.

What Introduced you to the craft?

I was introduced to the craft via embossing & card making class at high school in my first year for an activity which we did at the end of the year. 
it did not take long to be obsessed but as this was the 90's products were scarce and was not til later when we had more available that I truly got into the craft hook line & sinker!

What is your favourite thing to create?

if swatching and purely playing with goodies was a craft this would be mine!
But I do love to design cards that have a more mixed media feel with layers or very involved stamp & colour style.,

But when I have a spare moment my favourite craft is mixed media journalling,

making a mess and getting that creativity on in short spurts is top of my list!

how long have you been teaching?

started teaching card making and the stamping craft when my eldest was 4, to support us. 
so about 16+ years of in person and online classes.
I do love teaching and inspiring people to have a go and let go of a lot of things that constrains folks to try something new!

What inspires You?

lots of bright colours, florals and mixed media styles inspire me these days, especially with lots of white space!
but i see distress inks colours everywhere out and about in the world and the skies above!

Where do you live?

I live in country NSW, Robertson is about 40 mins away from the Wollongong city centre and the Illawarra.

I could never function well in a city as a country girl right to the core!

Tell me more?

well I am a wife and mother to 3, eldest has left home.
household is always busy so I work around them as I support the household in whatever way I can. 

I love travelling around the country, love camping, driving & open spaces of nothing.

husband and I share our love of our country especially our coastline.