Our Location

Where are you located?

My Business is located in country NSW, Australia.
Our town Robertson is about 20 -40 mins away from our closest regions in all directions.
Surrounded by Wollongong & the Illawarra on the mountain side and on the other side is the Southern Highlands.


Do you deliver ?

Until recently, we had been delivering in all of these regions - due to COVID and restrictions we had to re-zone home deliveries.
we personally hand deliver every on of these to your door deliveries,
BUT we have had to re-evaluate which regions we could afford to offer home delivery as we didn't want to charge for a premium service unless required.


Will any of these delivery regions change?

If we are in a region or suburb, by chance we will offer to hand deliver your order FREE of charge on our timetable.
We do not have any set days we are in a region at this time, if products are needed to be expressed delivery we would need to charge a home delivery premium service charge - this can be arranged by messaging us in these extreme occasions, when required.    


Shopping in Store/On Site?

No, we do not offer this at this time.
As many insurances are required for Customers to be onsite and certain COVID Safe requirements from the NSW & Federal Government of Australia would need to be completed, at this stage we cannot offer this.

We do however offer a click n' collect or curbside delivery options - where you are not entering our premises.

both of these options are FREE of charge.


Where do you ship orders?

We ship all our orders from our premises in Robertson, NSW Australia, within same day if possible.

Which company do you use to ship orders?

We use Australia Post exclusively as the fastest and most reliable service of our region to the rest of the country.
We post all items in our town and the post leaves for distribution/sorting centres daily unless truck is at capacity, items then are in Postal system within 24hrs.

Our region connects with state distribution centre within a few hours and most are on their way to next port within same evening.

Our region has quiet fast delivery times right around the country, with WA or TAS receiving parcels within the week and during busy times within 2 weeks maximum.

QLD is our fastest route delivery, within 2 days - followed closely behind by SA & VIC, within 7 days.


Hope this information helped