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Christmas Traditions

Well It's that time of year, again. Time for the decorating to start, countdowns and well what feels like pure craziness! Time that I usually get anxious and therefore need to get out my #floweressences (native drops to help my nervous system) and especially the Silly Season Blend that's for sure! (i'll let you in on that secret another day!)

But today is Sinterklaas in my family, Today is the day I prepare the tree and decorate. As my mother's family immigrated in the 1950's, to Australia, It has been a passed down tradition, Unfortunately these days it's a pretty watered down version, but I wanted to teach my kids, keeping the conversation open about who our family are, some understanding of their heritage.

Sinterklaas is St. Nicholas Day and it is usually a big deal in the Netherlands (Holland), plus a few other countries as well - Plus families like our's, that have immigrated. When my mother was young, this was when the excitement really happened, as all the presents arrived from overseas and it was the one time of the year they had connection with family who were still back home. Presents were usually gifted on Sinterklaas Eve (Dec 5th)

As you can probably guess from above image, Sinterklaas means a festival of St. Nicholas and his arrival for the celebrations, as we have later in December for Christmas and Western Santa Cla