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Sustainability Essentials

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black and white photo of woman carrying a stack of bundled and tied with natural string,  paper and cardboard, with a polka dot dress.

We take the environment and our footprint seriously,

therefore you will find your goodies safely arriving in the most sustainable products we can find.

​What is this Sustainability Essentials?

So you seen mentioned above, we take this quite seriously - Sustainability is no joke! And we do need to look into the changes we can make, I know we are just kooks like that!

We see small changes that can be made in our everyday as Sustainability Essentials!

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We source eco-friendly packaging at all times. One of the big changes was sourcing the more eco-friendly box tape option.

So you will see sometimes we will be using cane sugar packing tapes, for replacement of plastic tapes. But generally we will use paper tapes (which are just as strong!) which have a non chemical natural adhesive which is activated by water to adhere.

No to Plastic

NO Plastic or Bubble Wrap in sight, if you find us recycling packaging it will be compostable biodegradable wrapping, satchels, boxes and labels. we love reusing packaging from our own online shopping, which usually comes from other eco-friendly stores as we love supporting good natural online stores!

We have even been able to source pens we use to sign the authority and notes, Biodegradable and recyclable.

Think before You do

We will always encourage you to recycle and think responsible when disposing of our packaging from products.

You will find on our blog, we upcycle in our crafting - using cardboard on our cards a lot plus use it to raise up elements on our projects!

If you attend one of our classes you will see it as a material option. We even offer box cardboard panels free in your orders if you would like to use in your creating!

if you have any questions on how to dispose of non-degradable items we have lists of where to take your packaging and best practices of disposing of biodegradable or compostable items.

Thank You for doing your best, every little bit helps even if it feels like a pebble in the ocean!

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