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garden path birthday card idea

We always love sharing Ideas for everyone.
there are plenty of options for inspiration here but sometimes the simplest way sometimes is an idea already designed for you,
to get you started and for your creativity to kick in. 
We also have Creative Magazines in the latest Collections, Idea Booklets, Blog and Videos to get you set up especially when starting out in the craft.
Happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Place when your finding it a bit of a struggle 
we add the latest projects we have created or we have loved from the many product company design teams

Idea Gallery

Floral Card


some of the recent makes from the professionals 

CKC A Christmas Dream Jen Shoppee - Card2 SocMedia 2 .jpg

inspiration from the Professionals

CKC Holiday Spirit Kim Arnold - LO2 Cropped.jpg
CKC A Christmas Dream Madelaine du Toit - LO2 SocMedia.jpg

inspiration from the Professionals

mermaid card by ashleigh

Recent Makes

sharing some of my personal creations