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Back for 2022!

Yes we are back on deck and the website is back online, we just couldn't stay away!

Everytime I throw my hands up and go that's it I'm done, someone always has other things in mind. My business has always been the failsafe to support my family and during this crazy time we have been through, it certainly was a good way to keep busy, stay in touch and support each other.

Not too many changes, but the changes we have put in place are only for your benefit. I (Mel) am still the one behind the scenes like I have been for the past 18 years. We will get our head around all the New Rules as per Pandemic Issues. Now Kids are back to school I have been able to focus on getting Webstore back up to standard. We still have a huge amount of stock and we also have some amazing home grown companies who are still manufacturing some amazing products!

So stay with me and come along for another creative adventure, I look forward to servicing You all again!

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Stay Safe


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