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Christmas Cooking

Can you believe it's that time of year already! I really do find it hard to find the christmas spirit til mid December normally, as my eldest birthday is one of the first few days of December, So the rule was always after birthday celebrations, then we can start some decorating or get some season spirit happening!

peanut balls covered in chocolate on a tray with baking paper

Now 'Sinterklaas' (St. Nicholas Day) has been celebrated (December 6th) As in my Dutch Heritage,

we celebrate by putting up the tree and decorating, putting on some songs, Plus as per dutch traditions share some lollies (candies). (Really wish I had some wooden clogs for under the tree in place of a fireplace!)

I continued the traditions in remembrance of my Grandparents (Oma and Opa), The tree has been unboxed, finished decoration!

So this is usually when we start our Christmas Cooking, I like to Freeze things for the Day, so I am not rushing around like mad which seams to be common place. I really don't like the rush and requirements society tells us we should abide to. So I love the creating and enjoying of the seasons blessings, Especially to not let all the drama distract me from the Reason for the Season - Christ's Birth and His Gift on this World!

So I thought I would share with you one of my favourite recipes that we usually only indulge in at this time of year, as it's definitely a #sweettreat Granted these days I really do limit these indulgences! This recipe I was given to me, while at Primary (Elementary) School, By one of my favourite teachers and lifelong friend - Mrs Wilson. As always at this time of year, Children get to enjoy some fun with crafts and cooking at School. Which this is a great recipe to create with your Children! I know the name of them is a bit deceiving though, I think they are more Choc Peanut Balls!

The Trick with dipping them in the warm melted Chocolate is a fork, In my experience the balls do melt slightly if they are not cold enough and therefore fall apart. So I freeze them for an hour or until the next day. I roll them in the chocolate - Placing on a tray covered in wax or baking paper.

Drizzling melted chocolate over any holes that appear.

You will find that you might need to reheat the Chocolate, slightly, while dipping these balls, as the chocolate can harden, as the balls are cold. A few seconds in the microwave and mixing with a fork is usually all it needs.

The Recipe Card has been added to the file section in our Recipes Section for easy access, these tips are also listed. You are free to download and print to add to your Recipe Book.

Hope You enjoy this one,

Happy Holidays!


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