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Essential Sustainability

Taking the Environment and footprint seriously!

We take the environment and our footprint seriously, therefore you will find your goodies safely arriving in the most sustainable products we can find.

We source cane sugar packing tapes or paper packing tapes, no plastic or bubble wrap in sight, unless to upcycle keeping it out of landfill. We also upcycle many boxes, mailers and many other packaging options we are sent ourselves (as do our suppliers) in the event we have to ship with a satchel we use biodegradable satchels and labels.

Even our pens we use to sign the authority and notes are biodegradable and recyclable. We also go that bit further and try to stock the most Eco Friendly Products we can so the end result isn't left sitting in a landfill dump somewhere (granted we do encourage treasuring your or someones creations as first port of call)

We encourage you to recycle and think responsible when disposing of our packaging from products.

if you have any questions on how to dispose of non-degradable items we have lists of where to take your packaging and best practices of disposing of biodegradable items.

Take this seriously and be responsible as many items we used as children still exist in some landfill somewhere, We really do need to be concerned about our actions, as we are now really starting to see the effects!

Do good, not harm and we can enjoy this beautiful land for as long as possible.

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