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Exciting News

I have been working away behind the scenes on really going back in time . . .

YES we are officially actually going to be offering online classes.

Pictured: In Photo my Daughter Jorja, Flabbergasted at this exciting news!
Pictured: In Photo my Daughter Jorja, Flabbergasted at this exciting news!

1 class is being completed as I type, 10 samples already done!

Greatest thing it literally only took afternoon creating session - so that gives you and insight how nothing majorly technical cards will be taught! (Bit for everyone)

So excited that I will be able to be creative and offer a way for you all to get back into the classroom after quite a break since we last taught!

First Class will be a Christmas in July theme as I know myself I wanna be organised and not in a panic when it comes to the end of the year festivities

Always too busy to create once Oct/Nov/Dec hits (I have children still in primary so busy!)

And the thing I love about these online classes is the fact they are in small chunks, do it in your own pace, always accessible and a place to ask for help when needed without a huge amount of technical knowledge!

I will also have class kits that can have the class info Printed for those not online!

So you can probably see why I’m excited, refreshed after getting a kickstart by being around other creatives and really wondered why I didn’t just get back to the way we started WHCS back in 2004!!

Blog will be getting more content as well, starting with a bit of scrapbooking (!!I know!!) showing what I have been creating💕

Class Content will be for both beginner to advanced with plenty of samples to encourage you to continue playing (creating) or to upgrade the cards to more fancy, fussy cut or layered designs.

I look forward to getting the apron back on and starting our Card Classes again, possibly some scrap classes down the road as well!

Feel free to share our store to those of you and your friends who have been interested in online classes using Australian Brand products.

As we are aiming and building our kits and classes to the demographic that many times cannot afford to splurge,

So this means we are going to split kits down for affordability, keep the class cost to minimal, and create designs that you do not need an arsenal of tools and supplies to create!

We will list add-on items you can purchase for classes but you will only need the basics you may already have around the home!

Our Class Cost also includes a Class Kit we will ship to you with Shipping included - nothing extra to pay unless you would like a add-on, larger kit etc!

So please join us, Our First Class will Go Live 10am July 1st 🎉

Pray for me behind the scenes as I prepare the materials for you all 🙏

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