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Gnome Snow Globe

Creative Card Tutorial - Gnome Snow Globe Card

By Natalie Elphinstone (Uniquely Creative Design Team)

Gnome Snow Globe Card with 3D Holly and Pink Stars embellishments

Products Required:

Tools Required:

Instructions :

We will show you how to create this Gnome Snow Globe Card in these next images with instructions, just follow along!

strips of gifting printed paper ready to be die cut with the scallop rosette metal die pictured

1. Cut Gifting paper into long strips wide enough to then be cut by the Rosette Small Die. You’ll need about four 12” strips – each will be cut twice by the Rosette die.

card front with one strip of scalloped paper strip attached with rows of extra strips scalloped and ready to attach to card

2. Fold the die cut strips accordion style as per the instructions, but instead of bending them around to creating a rosette, we’re just going to keep them straight. Adhere the first strip to the top of a rectangle of cardstock that’s just smaller than the base card.

strips pf scalloped paper starting to be added to card front and adhered with glue, filling up the card front

3. Keep adhering further strips below this, lining them up in neat rows until you’ve covered the whole card.

card showing the layered scalloped paper background on card front with snowglobe creative cut with christmas holly layered on a lace flower

4. Adhere this panel to the base card and then start embellishing!

You can use lots of layers, for example a Holly Flower over the top of a Lace Flower.

close up image of Gnome Snow Globe Card 3D Holly and Pink Stars embellishments

5. And then even though the snow globe Creative Cut had an elf inside it already,

layer another larger elf,

Trim white edge if so wish,

sticking him up with foam tape for more height.

finished card with 3d layers of scalloped paper with snow globe and gnome with christmas holly embellishment on top of lace flower with merry christmas in white print on pink background sentiment and globe embellished with mint pearl bling

6. Finish the card with some stars in the corner, and some gems in the snowglobe to represent the snowflakes.

We hope you have enjoyed this project,

Many Thanks to Natalie for this awesome Card Design.

Photo of Natalie Elphinstone with Creative Kit Design Team Member under her name on photo

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Oct 28, 2023

Just Love this!


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