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Precision Tips

Today I want to share with you one of my absolute favourite and most used tools for me, in the craft room or just around the home - with small kids I am STILL always fixing or creating something!

precision metal tips and pins on white flat lay background with the all purpose art glue bottle and gold plastic nozzle near the opened clear plastic storage jar for the metal tips and pins,  with the black lid with handle to the top right of photo

Precision Metal Tips and Pins Set

For many years I struggled with clogged tips of my adhesives and tried it all, Even had another brand Cap with Metal Pin, as plastic was surrounding the pins it always failed - miserably! Always sealing themselves and with some adhesives it was forever!!

Until I gave this Precision Tips set a go, it had been consistent disappointment and frustration!

The metal tip screws onto any plastic tip bottle comfortably and then the pin just sits in the top! And NO even when I knock bottle over it doesn’t leak, also the pins are made out of metal that doesn’t rust either!

all purpose art glue bottle with gold plastic nozzle cap with the metal tip attached, with pin in background

And even when I don’t want a fine stream of Glue, I can remove the metal tip and just use the pin in the top of the bottle, as an anti clog plug!

This works wonders for me, I use this with mainly the #couturecreations All Purpose Art and the Quick Dry Liquid adhesives.

If the Glue does stick to the Pin, as it does have a pin head, It is then easy to grip and pull out to clean off the dry glue remnants!

every now and then i clean around the opening and the pin, just full off slightly dried glue, easy to unclog, if any issues I use the pin to move around in the nozzle to move any blockages.

art glue bottle with metal tip and pin on the plastic gold bottle cap with extra metal tip and pin in storage jar in the background

I use the Metal Tip as a fine tip for small embellishments, flowers or sentiment die cuts. anything that needs the slightest amount of glue to be added in tiny spots! So for me the small price of $7.50 for the pair with a handy jar to store them is a fabulous investment. So far I have been using the twin set for about 4yrs!

The metal tips are easy to remove from bottles, especially when you change bottle sizes. As I have realised I need the larger size of the All Purpose Art Glue and thankful they also come in 120 ml and 240 ml!

So thankful for these great simple innovations and so many tools that our Local Craft Innovators at Couture Creations offer us!

if you have any question please feel free to leave a comment, we will always monitor and answer questions, alternatively you can contact us via the Live Chat box to your bottom right or contact us here

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