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We say NO Thanks

Just a Public announcement from us at Wild Heart Creative Studio

black spray graphic with black friday words with prohibited sign in red over the top

Black Friday Sales - We say No Thanks!

Sorry guys FYI!

We are saying No Thanks to Black Friday Sales time, We just don’t agree with spamming your inboxes and promoting like mad most of November for this American ideal ‘Black Friday’ sales!

I am already sick to death with the amount of emails I’ve been getting from stores all week and it’s not even thanksgiving week (US)!

It’s insane and so annoying and we definitely will never do this to you!!

We are happy to offer the best prices and specials right through the year!

We will hold a few specials leading up to Christmas but spamming you about another American ideal is NOT what this Aussie Gal in this small business is all about!!

I am All about supporting small business and Australian made!

How about we celebrate Australian ways instead of adopting these very commercial American holidays and extras!

But I do not think this is just us of those driven insane by the promotions, online I have seen many other companies encouraging many stores to do the right thing as well!

poster from trade aid with words in white 'we're saying NO to black friday' with a red background and in black wording 'Big sales and consumerism make an unfair world lets simplify and build back better' with hastag weresayingnotoblackfriday and web address

Trade Aid: 'Buying cheap allows big retail to squeeze the little guys and our local industries, who can’t compete with such big loss-leading sales.'

Big sales push down wages and lead to an increase in forced labour and modern slavery in product supply chains.

Fast consumerism leads to frivolous spending, and that leads to more wastage that has a huge environmental impact as our landfills fill up.

For Trade Aid, it’s not about not purchasing the things you need or not enjoying your retail experience; it’s how people buy and what products people choose to buy that’s important.

So glad there are more stores encouraging a thought process when we are online shopping, be smart and be wise!

choose wisely who you are shopping with and how products will be disposed of in the end.

Enough said,

if you are looking for specials we have plenty of these all the time!

Click here to find the On Special Products

here are just a few on offer for Christmas!

Thanks so much for your understanding and enjoy your creating

Stay tuned!

picture of business owner Mel with Business name 'Wild Heart Creative Studio' and the website address ''

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