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Just Arrived

We have had a fair few New Arrivals this week, Thought I would share what has Arrived - Restocked and What is New and a little bit about why we love these Products!

Precision Stamp Press - Couture Creations

Yes we have these back in stock, a fabulous tool, that really does it all for stamping without the big price tag!

we have tried all the Stamping Tools on the market and we go to grab this tool the most!

check out the video below for an in depth look at this great tool for Stampers!

couture creations precision stamping tool, laying open with the magnets sitting on the left side which is a plastic magnetic creme base with the magnets in little blue tabbed covers

2024 Mini Calendars

It is that time of year, Our Stock of the #couturecreationsinternational Calendar Tabs 2024 Packs have arrived!

Just arrived -

Jump on your creating for the Gift Season and so you are ready for the new year!

Great for quick and simple gifts, especially around the office!

Everyone can use a desk or fridge calendar, Even the full year calendar is small enough to fit in a card, thin enough to send in the post!

These are 2” x 3” Mini Calendars in a Pack of 10, you can make 10 gift calendars from a pack!

$4.99 a pack!

Just Arrived - Vintage Tea Collection

As we shared this week the new collection from #couturecreations has arrived, a lovely vintage collection, for many type of themes including Memories of our Grandmothers, Baby albums, High Tea's, Mother's Day etc.

Restocks - Card Bags

Our ever popular Card Bags, in many sizes, are fabulous to keep your creations safe while you store them before you send out your creations!

Available in:

  • 6" x 6" Square (Fits most Mini Paper Packs)

  • Small Square (145mm x 145mm)

  • A6 (C6 Standard Rectangle Cards)

  • Tall (Slimline Cards)

  • 5" x 7"

  • Plus A4 (let us know if you want these)

We have had our A6 and Square Packs restocked, so we are ready for your creative storm this season!

(A4 Size we usually specially order in - so you can Pre Order these)

Alcohol Ink Papers

Now this is a sneaky essential!

We love using our Alcohol Inks on many surfaces but what paper or card to use is always the hard one when starting out!

We know you can use plenty of surface like baubles, plastics, glass, metals, tiles etc for creating with Alcohol Inks but for card makers this is usually where the next question is which paper works best!?

The best paper we have found is paper that has no paper included!

Yeah confused yet?

Well, Due to the fact Alcohol Inks need a slick surface to glide and mix over,

The answer is, Synthetic Paper!

Synthetic Paper is a thin plastic sheet, this paper does not tear at all - You will have to cut with Trimmer. But this works amazingly with Alcohol Inks!

alcohol ink synthetic papers in a pack of 10 A4 sheets

The benefit of Synthetic (Plastic Type) papers, you are able to get the inks to move around easier,

no bleeding through and if you really don't like the design,

Add blending solution and wipe completely off to start again!

We love using these papers and the 10 Pack lasts quiet a while, well depending on your creating!

Regardless of size of card - the A4 size will be able to be trimmed down!

So many cards from one sheet!

So there's lots of fun things arriving, plus many other goodies which you can always find listed in the Just Arrived section or the Back In Stock section!

If you have any requests please let us know, Out of Stock items, please do add your details in the notify box on these items as it helps us to know what you are after!

And we usually will gain the stock ASAP and you will be notified via email. This is not a lock in contract to buy but when it arrives back in stock you get a notification so then you can process your order if you so wish!

Hope you are having a wonderful Weekend,

Don't forget to check out the blog regularly as we are posting lots of Ideas and projects regularly - why not subscribe to get notifications when we post another project!

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Thanks for visiting See you in the Store Next week!

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