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ATG Tapes are Back!

Well they are available to PRE ORDER!!

Yes we have finally been able to get our Supplies back on track,

and so we have the Pre Orders open again!

Just as I am sure you are too, have been feeling the pinch and so we were not able to keep up with the Out of Pocket expenses on keeping regular stock of the ATG Tapes.

Things have slightly improved with Shipping not such a problem out of the US again!

So I am now reaching out to see if any are interested in another Pre Order?

The fabulous news as well is We are also able to gain stock without any increases! so if you would like to jump on in this order just click the link below to add your details to the list!

By Registering your Interest, we can send through a Quote Invoice for you to have a look at before purchase, no commitment! all payment options we offer through the store are available.

as well as our usual delivery options!

If you would rather just place your Order ASAP please find the Products listed below.

Thanks so much for all your Support, we are beyond grateful!

Wild Heart Creative Studio Logo with Picture of Store Owner Mel and


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