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Supporting Locals

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We have a huge passion in these trying times to Support our hard working Brands!

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Homegrown Brands

Local Brands who bring us some amazing home grown products, which we can restock easily and quickly!

Not only do We strive to support these Companies, but as we do, we also need to become more self sufficient in this country of our own. As with increasing costs and harder to import products with many extreme cost increases.

Australian Made

Even though our country rarely does much product manufacturing for our industry, The more we support our companies the more it may change.

Those who do take the leap and put everything they have into designing, producing and importing products, we need to support them!

We pray this will hopefully build a industry on our shores, with our needs being met with investment in some home grown manufacturing!

Investment in our country and it's people is never too high a cost!

Change is Happening

As we have seen in the last few years especially since the world shut down, there are many more companies printing locally and without a huge difference in pricing. it's so exciting! This is why we share our excitement with each New Collection release - so much Aussie Product it's so fab!

Our Passion

Yes it may come across as we really do have a passion for papercraft and inspiring others to create, But we have such a strong calling to find ways of supporting locals, our community and industry. Help us to grow this Industry where Australian Made is common and importing is optional!

Who are we Supporting

Here are a few brands that work hard to bring New Products made in Australia to You!

Click logo image to visit their range of products in our store.

Supporting Locals

So who are the locals we are talking about? Supporting Australian companies, means you support a whole lot of people! In your community and in our community. All our companies we stock are local all over Australia. BUT by shopping with us you keep OUR Doors open,

You help us support our family and support the community at large! It sure is not easy to keep the doors open in Business these days and the fact we are 20 years going is a miracle!

Thank YOU!

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